Wheat Open Storage Policy for 2022


Title of grain will remain in the customers’ name until sold. 

For those who keep grain in storage for a number of months, we may request that it be placed on Delayed Price (DP) later in the year so that we will be able to ship it out. But for the upcoming harvest all wheat will be placed in open storage.

Storage and Delayed Price Charges

Wheat, Milo, Corn:  4.5 cents/bu/month Soybeans 5.0 cents/bu/month. A 15-day grace period is allowed on wheat, milo, corn, and soybeans. Calculated from unload date until priced.

2021 Delayed Price Policy
As has been done in previous years Walker Products Company requests that all unsold
fall crops (corn, milo and soybeans) be placed on Delayed Price. Open Storage is NOT
being offered for this year’s fall crops. This policy is due to the increase in volume of fall
crops and the need to immediately ship as space can become limited.

You have 3 options for your fall crops.

1. Delayed Price: Upon receipt, all unsold fall crops will be placed on a Delayed
Price Contract. Like open storage you may price the grain whenever you
wish. Contracts will be mailed out within 30 days of receipt of grain.

With DP Contracts…

… will have the same fees as open storage
… can be sold whenever the market is trading
… can receive payment immediately upon pricing (OR)-
… can defer payment
… can be priced using target orders.

2. Forward Contract: Contracting at a market price before crops are received
at the elevator. When grain is received, it is applied to your contract and will
be settled upon when the contract it full. You can either receive a check at
that time or defer payment until the next year.

3. Sell Over the Scale: Upon receipt of grain, you may sell at the current board
price. You can receive a check at that time or defer payment until the next

DP contracts transfer ownership to Walker Products Company; in return the customer
receives a contract retaining his right to price the grain when he chooses. This grain is
not eligible for FSA loans or LDP payments, nor is grain available for client load out. If
this is a concern to you, please contact the office for special arrangements.